Equipment Spotlight

Auto Logger Balers

Manufacturer List

Al-jon Manufacturing
Curt Spry

Colmar USA, Inc.
Gianluca Manzo

Bob Pfeffer

Eli Cohen

Iron Ax, Inc.
John Kitchens

OverBuilt, Inc.
Jeff Hebert

The RM Johnson Co.
David VanVleet

Sierra International
John Actis

Vezzani SpA
Pierluigi Sambolino
011 39 0143 81844

An auto logger, first used in Europe around 1989, provides auto recyclers the capability to compress scrap vehicles into a denser, more uniform shape that stacks well, resulting in more efficient loading and transporting of crushed auto bodies. Because haulers can load trailers to the maximum weight limits, all of these factors add up to increased efficiency and savings for auto recyclers.

Iron Ax manufactures the Iron Pack Baler. John Kitchens, vice president, said, “We offer this baler in 16 or 20-foot baling chamber options. Either size can be purchased with or without a crane. Our Iron Pack Baler is a high-speed, high-production machine. The average bale time of a full size automobile equipped with the engine, rear end and transmission still attached is one minute. Additionally, all of our balers are remotely controlled, automatic cycle and can produce a variable length bale, adjustable by the operator at the touch of a button.”

Iron Ax has been manufacturing scrap handling equipment for approximately 22 years. Kitchens said his firm has a unique perspective when it comes to producing equipment that is used in scrap yards. He said, “We’ve owned and operated 5 scrap yards for 45 years. All of the equipment we produce is first tested and proven in our yards. We know exactly what recyclers need from a piece of equipment because we do the same thing our customers do!”

Iron Ax, Inc.

Kitchens noted that the economic slowdown and lack of consumer confidence is a challenge but, “We do a large amount of scrap metal exporting and that has picked up. The past few years have been difficult, as business for many companies has run at a slower rate due to the economic uncertainty. The good news is that demand is still there, and when it returns completely, it will be big.”

Pier Sambolino, Vezzani International sales and service manager, said, “As a well-known manufacturer of heavy duty shears and balers, Vezzani manufactures an extra heavy-duty, portable logger baler, which has high-performance characteristics that run against the mainstream production of loggers available in today’s market place. The same philosophy applied to large Vezzani shears and balers has been distilled into our portable logger.


“Many of the components and materials used are the same as those used to build our largest machines. This means our product provides faster production times, greater reliability and longer service life than you would normally expect from a car logger. There is no set size or dimension, as we build to order and can incorporate modifications to suit any particular need. In terms of production, we serve a global market where extreme conditions and inaccessibility dictate that equipment must be trouble-free and star performers. It is in these areas particularly, where we have become the manufacturer of choice. We offer electric or diesel versions as well as many other options. Our logger distinguishes itself by the quality construction evident in the strength, reliability and productivity it offers, which is essential in today’s market.”

Sambolino revealed that the logger can be stationary-mounted on a flat, concrete slab, or can be ordered with self-loading, lifting legs, or mounted on a trailer. Set up times are minimal and allow faster completion of any operation compared to the industry standard. Also available from Vezzani is a fully adjustable pusher ram with higher-than-typical compressing forces.

“Our logger is a niche machine, not designed with the mainstream logger in mind. Vezzani was pushed to design and manufacture this logger to satisfy the needs of those in search of reliability and performance, and who look to Vezzani to give them an ace in their sleeve. Every machine has a price tag, but the real cost is the cost per ton to do the job, and that is where our logger demonstrates its true worth. Trouble-free operation and reliability, coupled with low production costs are always a key attribute of any Vezzani product. With a higher than average specification, our product provides our clients with more flexibility to tackle ever more difficult jobs. We’re just as proud to see the Vezzani logo on our logger as we are seeing it on our 2000 ton shear,” Sambolino said.


Gianluca Manzo is general manager at Colmar USA, and he said the company’s balers have sold auto loggers in the scrap metal recycling market for many years. Manzo said, “We have pushed the limits and emerged with an even greater baler – the improved B6200SW. Like all balers in our line, the B6200SW has a strong compacting cycle, but this model has two pushing cylinders with a maximum force of 130 tons each, and a box over 20 feet long. The product also includes a mechanical scrap loader for loading materials, or it can be fed by an industrial scrap processor. Standard features include the automatic compacting cycle, an air conditioner, and a remote control. An automatic greasing system is optional. The B6200SW can be trailer-mounted and offers an average production rate of 11 to 16 tons per hour.”

IMABE is a global manufacturer and seller of logger balers. “Our products offer outstanding advantages that earn the balers the reputation as the finest in the industry,” said Eli Cohen, president of United States sales and service.

He went on to say, “Our customers can customize the box size as well as pressure, depending on the material they are baling. Whether logging cars or baling #2 bundles, our product will bale to a customer’s specific needs, thanks to the capabilities of our product’s excellent hydraulic system. IMABE balers have an optional remote control and all logger balers include a crane and grapple. An environmentally-sound fluid collection tank is standard on every logger and we use only variable-flow pumps in our products. With this type of pump, only the energy needed for the specific work involved is used, rather than the machine continuously running at full force, to log or bale material. This characteristic extends the life of the whole unit, and reduces the fuel consumption and emissions released during operation. Our auto loggers process ferrous metal and nonferrous materials such as aluminum and stainless steel.”


Cohen said their customers can be up and running in less than 15 minutes because the logger and the trailer it sits on are a single unit. “This unique feature provides greater baler stability for more aggressive operations and extends the life of the machine. Our machines also offer a superior life span because of their steel construction. IMABE products are known to be 15 to 20 percent heavier than similar products on the market, but we are still in accordance with weight regulations.

“We strive to make a top-quality product, based on more than 40 years of experience. We make every component of the logger ourselves, including manufacturing the cylinders, hydraulic blocks and our unique computer system. All parts are manufactured at our factory, providing complete confidence that the product is developed and manufactured by IMABE,” Cohen said.


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