Equipment Spotlight Feature Article   Wheel Loader Attachments
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Manufacturer List

Attachments International
Carole Butcher

Bateman Manufacturing Inc.
Mark Vandenberg

Pemberton, Inc.
Mike Duffy

SAS Forks
Paul Secker

Solesbee’s Equipment & Attachments
David Jenkins

Wicker Machine Company
Robert Wicker

Auto recyclers and scrap processors always look for more efficient ways to process cars, more trouble-free equipment, up-time and the resulting positive impact on their bottom line. One product that can help to expedite the extraction of revenue from scrap vehicles is an engine puller.

Bateman Manufacturing, a supplier of car body forks and wrecker forks, offers products custom-designed for client application requirements. All forks provide certified welded construction and are fit-ready, with pin-on lugging or quick coupler hooks. Lugging geometry is adjusted to provide enhanced lifting and holding force for the loader. Wheel loader quick couplers are also available for all makes and models.

Bateman Manufacturing, Inc.

According to Mark Vandenburg, general manager at Bateman, “Our forks offer extra heavy-duty construction to maximize their usage life span. The length of our forks is determined by customer application, whether that involves a single car body or numerous car bodies. The over arms have a wide range of movement which allows them to fold down tight or to be fully raised. This increases function and increases movement in small or tight areas. Forks can be adjusted and elevated, which assists in movement over rough terrain. Side shift movement and over-arm hydraulic clamps assist in lifting and moving stacked car bodies.”

According to Ron Stern, marketing coordinator at Pemberton, “Pemberton manufactures over 20 different wheel loader attachments, including buckets, forks, rakes, grapples, couplers and of course, our engine puller. An experienced engine puller operator can remove a hood, radiator, and engine in under a minute.

“We also offer a heavy duty, high-radius scrap grapple, a purpose-designed tire grapple and our flagship engine puller. Attachments, whether for wheel loaders or excavators, must be used properly to achieve the longest attachment life. When issues arise, all of our attachments include helpful hardcopy and electronic format user manuals. Also, our staff is available by telephone on weekdays to field user questions. Our engineering department periodically updates product designs to improve economy and efficiency,” he added.

The Pemberton engine puller is best-suited for three to five yd. wheel loader applications, requires two machine functions (there is a switch to select between two hydraulic circuits if needed), can remove wiring harnesses from the dash, and can stack and then clamp cars for transport.

Pemberton, Inc.

“We entered the auto recycling market in the mid-1980s and we sell approximately 50 engine pullers annually, primarily in the continental United States, but we also do business in Canada and South America. Besides auto and other recycling, we support industries such as construction, demolition, waste handling, pipeline, logging and others. The recycling industry continues to grow, and we’re working on some new products for that market,” Stern concluded.

“Pride, excitement, and delivering a product that is useful to the market makes my day, every day,” said Paul Secker, president of SAS Forks. “There is a wide variety of specialty attachments for wheel loaders that can save recyclers money or earn them more – depending on what end of the auto recycling business they are in.

“We consider the following aspects when assessing which products will provide the best value to a specific auto recycler: a) existing concerns of the owners/operator; b) the type of yard involved – full service, self-service or scrap processor; and c) the wheel loader size involved.” Secker said that another factor to consider is whether or not the owner wants to upgrade.

SAS of Luxemburg

He explained that, “In general, wheel loaders that weigh less than 25,000 lbs. are sufficient to handle cars from the side with short forks. Wheel loaders that weigh 26,000 to 30,000 lbs. can handle cars and small trucks from the front with long forks. Wheel loaders in the range of 30,000 to 38,000 lbs. are best for handling cars and full size trucks from the front with long forks. If a buyer is unsure about what to order, we can advise them, so they can avoid challenges such as damage that results from moving salvage items.”

Secker added, “Some other factors to consider are how the product is designed. For instance, the tendency to bounce is an undesirable characteristic of standard L-shaped forklift forks. Also, has the product design addressed fatigue in areas of high stress and will service be available for blade changes, skid plates, protective bumpers, etc.?”

Rocker panel bumpers provide some level of protection for auto recyclers that handle vehicles from the side. Bumpers can be affixed to existing forks, but they can be integrated on SAS Car Body Forks. Heavy steel rocker panel bumpers are also available on style #3 SAS Crushing Forks, which may be used in handling good cars and in crushing operations.

The SAS Scorpion Engine Puller or Claw Engine Puller can be installed on any wheel loader from 22,500 lbs. to 38,000 lbs., which has one auxiliary hydraulic spool. Installation is simple, taking only about two hours. Quick-coupler configurations allow an operator to disconnect in two minutes and switch to other attachments, such as a bucket. For scrap processors with rail spurs, shuttling rail cars can be an arduous task, but the SAS attachment can be quickly affixed to the front of a wheel loader to safely move rail cars.