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The use of truck tarp systems in the waste industry isn’t just a good idea – in many areas of the United States it is the law. Debris that escapes from any type of mobile, loaded truck can present an undesirable situation – the debris can be dangerous to others or it can be cited as littering, amongst other concerns.

Bill R. Jones, sales manager, believes that waste tarp systems offered by Pioneer Coverall are unique to the industry due to ease of use, dependability and overall high quality. Challenges that may often be involved with waste application tarps are eliminated through the use of either the Pioneer or Mountain brand, according to Jones, the firm’s outbound sales/marketing manager.

“Our systems eliminate the necessity for the user to board the container to help make tarping the load quicker and safer. Driver safety is the number one concern in the process of tarping a load. Another top concern is containing the waste within the appropriate space on the truck. Our rack-n-pinion system addresses this by including tarp side flaps, which allows the use of tarp straps in ensuring load containment.

Pioneer Coverall

“We offer a side-flip system for that situation. Our side-flip tarp contains the entire trailer with push-button operation from the ground, allowing the driver to be clear of the load. This also dramatically reduces time used for tarping waste. The side-flip system weighs less than 500 lbs., offers bolt-on installation, and operates using self-contained hydraulics, or it can be plumbed into a truck’s hydraulic system, depending on client preference,” Jones said.

He described Pioneer’s rack-n-pinion tarp system as “utilizing technology that provides controlled side arm movement. A hydraulic cylinder moves a rack gear forward and backward in combination with a pinion gear attached to the base of the pivot arm. This configuration creates a mechanical advantage, providing constant control over speed and precise synchronization of the pivot arms as they cover and uncover the container.”

The system covers a wide range of container lengths and heights for roll-off trucks, and is available with a new “grass-hopper” arm extension, enabling even better coverage of short boxes. Jones added that the Pioneer product also provides a stationary gantry option when the application is for same height but different length containers. Either option includes a Rollmaster roller assembly – a unique, spring-loaded roller assembly that allows a heavy duty tarp to be rolled over the load without touching it, thus eliminating “drag through” – an effect that can damage a tarp.


Roll-Rite is a manufacturer of American-made electric tarp systems and components for work truck and trailer transportation. Roll-Rite’s patented gear motor technology offers a variety of specialty applications that increase efficiency, productivity and safety.

Jim Kenyon, vice president, sales & marketing said, “Our new system for roll-off and hook lift container trucks in North America, the PaceSetter, will revolutionize the tarp product industry.”

The arms of the product are mounted on the tower – out of the way of containers that can bend or break an arm when the container is lowered. The PaceSetter takes less than five hours to install – a significant improvement over the typical 18 to 25 hour installation time of products offered by other companies.

Roll-Rite’s DC-Series of products for roll-off trucks and trailers (including hook lifts and luggers) includes three different models: an electric-over-manual (DC100 model), semi-automatic (DC400 models) and an automatic (DC300 models). The DC100 model has a three-year motor warranty while the motors on the semi-automatic and automatic models have a five year warranty.

Kenyon commented, “We see maintenance and safety as the primary challenges for tarps used in the scrap, demolition and solid waste industries. Roll-Rite eliminates many of these challenges with innovative features – our systems are highly durable yet light-weight and easy to install, with the least expensive parts on the market. We were the first to add a wireless remote control on systems for detachable containers (the DC-Series), which is safer to operate. Our systems are independent of the hoist system, which means a product is not hooked to existing truck hydraulics.”

The company’s Transfer Trailer Systems have two models, a front-to-back (FTB) and a side-to-side (STS) roll tarp style. Their STS system reduces installation time and weight over other products on the market. The FTB system can be fitted with a patented knuckle arm (reducing the height needed when covering or uncovering a load) and can also include a high-capacity tarp spool housing for trailers up to 53 feet long.

Shannon Harrop is the national account director at tarpARMOR™, a division of Southwestern Sales Company. Harrop said their Fall Protection System keeps collection and maintenance workers safe on top of trucks. “Our System includes Bi-LINE© Fall Restraint, safeMOUNT™ Ladder Assist and Expandable Garbage Gear™ (EGG) features. The EGG tools reduce the need for operators and maintenance workers to climb onto trucks. Instead, they can clean cab shields, tarp loads and perform other jobs from ground level. The safeMOUNT Ladder Assist and Bi-LINE Fall Restraint products enable workers to safely access and work on top of front, side or rear loaders, and transfer trailers – without the risk of falls,” explained Harrop.

He said the Bi-LINE Fall Restraint is the centerpiece of the Fall Protection System and consists of two parallel restraint lines, permanently mounted to the top of the vehicle body. A dual lanyard connects to the restraint lines and a comfortable belt worn by the operator.

Harrop said, “The low profile Bi-LINE can be specified on new vehicles or retrofitted to those already in the field. Our new safeMOUNT Ladder Assist eases the transition from ladder to vehicle roof through the use of a handrail extension that rises above the top of the ladder and vehicle. The bolt-on device allows operators to maintain three points of contact before connecting to the Bi-LINE Fall Restraint. When not in use, safeMOUNT retracts out of the way, next to the ladder.”

The EGG line also includes a number of tools that can be used to safely clean and maintain vehicles from ground level or above. Two expandable reaching poles can be quickly fitted with various attachments, including the trukBRUSH™, a combination brush and scraper, and the tarpTAMER™ attachment – a multifunction hook used to position tarps and secure bungee cords, without climbing onto the truck. The trashTONG™ can be used to reach loose or bagged trash in areas that are normally inaccessible.


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