Equipment Spotlight

Crushed Car Haulers

Manufacturer List

Benlee, Inc.
Greg Brown

CIF Industries
Rick Clark

JMH Trailers
Bart Hill

Maurer Manufacturing
Gene Montgomery

Mountain Tarp
Bill Jones

Taylor Machinery Corporation
Bill Taylor

Crushing cars is a common part of the process in recycling automobiles. Vehicles used to haul those crushed cars typically offer safety and efficiency features that are popular with those who use the haulers. Manufacturers often offer other products that may also be used by auto recyclers.

According to Greg Brown, owner of Benlee, the firm offers crushed car trailers, new and used roll-off trailers and trucks, dump trucks and trailers and roll-off containers. Brown said their crushed car haulers are built to load fast and last long.

JMH Trailers

“There are two key design features of our trailers: 1) D-rings on straps, attached to ratchets. Chains then attach to the D-rings, so that chains, not straps are in contact with the vehicles – straps could be cut if they are in contact with the vehicles. 2) A self-contained fluid reservoir in the base, which can be drained. The reservoir can contain fluid that may come from the vehicles. We’ve manufactured our crushed car trailers for 15 years and they comply with federally mandated laws for securing and containing crushed automobiles for transport,” he said.
Brown noted that the recycling industry is under pressure from many areas, and he believes Benlee offers products that are helpful in managing the various situations involved. “Lower volumes and pricing pressure are causing reduced profits. This means cost controls and capital expense controls are more important than ever. Also, with parts of the economy still very uncertain, many are concerned about spending money. Many city and county budgets are tight, and it seems they’re ticketing companies more than ever for carrying overweight loads, to help with deficits,” he said.
Brown said his company supports all of their products with “a full line of roll-off trailers and dump truck parts including hydraulic cylinders, sheaves, cable pulleys, Neway suspension products, Gresen hydraulic valves, and Roll-Rite and Pioneer tarps and tarp systems. Our online parts store is open 24/7 and we rebuild trailers and hoist systems from the ground up, including frame straightening, dump truck repair and truck frame repair.”
Bart Hill, president of JHM Trailers, claimed, “Crushed Car Trailers have reached new levels of efficiency with our 48’ drop front crushed car hauler.” He added, “Our extra heavy-duty crushed car hauler is the latest in the series of products we offer to the crushed car recycling industry.

Benlee, Inc.

“The trailer offers a long list of standard features and custom options, is precision-engineered and constructed with an I-beam frame and high-quality steel. The double-drop deck and shower curtain side provides easy loading and unloading capabilities and the heavy-duty ratcheting cable system makes strapping down loads easier, faster and safer. Our product’s heavy-duty Hutch® suspension provides superior load capacity and high quality steel rims and Yokohama tires. A containment system is also standard.”

Hill commented, “Haulers aren’t able to throw crushed cars onto just any trailer to move them. Trailers must be built to not only hold up in the yard, they must also perform well over public roads – safely, but with maximum legal payload. The vehicles are routinely used in some of the toughest environments and must be built to withstand brutal day-to-day use.

Taylor Machinery Corporation

“Also, industry regulations are numerous – for example, those for fluid containment and the way loads must be secured. As a manufacturer, we must stay current on standards, whether they involve transportation or the environment, and we must integrate those specifications in our design and manufacturing processes. Decreasing costs by using lesser quality components or by cutting corners during the manufacturing process just to compete from a price standpoint is not an option because a hauler will not make money if the trailer is down – period.”

Hill noted that more and more haulers have seen a higher demand overseas for scrap metal. “Haulers have typically worked with local scrap processors, but increased hauling distances are becoming more common, which makes it tougher for haulers to remain profitable. We’ve built our reputation on manufacturing some of the toughest, longest-lasting heavy application trailers in the world. Some of our original steel trailers are still on the road after 30 years!”

Bill Taylor owns Taylor Machinery Corporation. The company’s premier crushed car trailer is the RD 45. “This revolutionary trailer has received two patents. What used to take hours with the old curtain or tie down method, only takes a matter of minutes with our crushed car trailer. Because the crushed cargo is completely enclosed, you don’t have safety issues from flying debris as you travel down the road,” remarked Taylor. He explained that the product’s expanded metal sides are the feature that helps control loose debris on the trailer.

Other vehicle features include a 15 minute load/unload time, a steel floor with fork risers, a safety lock system and a pilot-operated check valve in the hydraulic system. The hauler operates from a P.T.O. system and auxiliary power and retrofit kits are also available. “This four-sided trailer opens hydraulically on one side for ease of loading and unloading. The sides of the vehicle are made of expanded metal to cut down on the overall weight of the trailer, providing more pay weight in cargo,” Taylor said.

Taylor grew up in the scrap metal business, watching his father build machines. In addition to his manufacturing business, he’s also been a scrap metal dealer for years. The need for better equipment for his own scrap yards led him to designing and manufacturing equipment that is better suited for his business.

“Definitely, the push to go green has affected our business in a very positive way. As the awareness for recycling grows, so does the subsequent need for quality recycling equipment like ours. As prices rise and fall in the scrap metal industry, so does the enthusiasm and profits for average folks who sometimes cart in their junk as way to make a living,” Taylor commented.

His company offers a range of equipment designed specifically for the scrap industry such as large, closed-end horizontal balers and aluminum can densifiers. “My goal is to manufacture economically priced equipment that is durable and simple to operate and maintain,” Taylor concluded.


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