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Danco Products
Holly Newlin

Dual-Tech, Inc.
Jo Ann Roberts

Dynamic Towing Equipment & Mfg.
Shelly Schultz

Godwin Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Dale Fann

Tracy O’Dowd

Thomas Tracy

Miller Industries Towing Equip. Inc.
Randy Olson

United Recovery Industries
Bill Benfer

Weld Built
Harry Brown

The rollback truck, or carrier, is a useful tool for auto recyclers when automobiles and auto wrecks need to be hauled into or out of the yard. The original model, the Ernest Holmes flatbed rollback, was built and tested in the early 1900s but it was Chevron that built the first slide-back carrier in 1969. Although used primarily by auto recyclers from that time on, the product has become the most popular piece of equipment for the towing industry as well.

Dynamic Towing Equipment & Manufacturing offers a three-year warranty on their T-180 product, a versatile car carrier which can be used as a conventional rollback or as a recovery vehicle. “The T-180 is unique to the towing industry as we are the only tow truck manufacturer that has this type of technology. The T-180 rotator has the ability to swing 90 degrees in either direction. Our customers choose the carrier because of its unique ability to retrieve and unload vehicles in hard-to-reach situations,” stated Shelly Schultz, business development manager.

Schultz added that the unit is also ideal for moving and setting PODS, vehicles in parking lots or other jobs where working space is limited. “We manufacture all of our equipment in the United States and we are the first and only manufacturer to bring this technology to the American market. As a result, we’ve received an influx of inquiries and expect a 30 percent market increase in the next 2 years. To see the T-180 in action, view the videos available at our Facebook page,” Shultz said.

Thomas Tracy is the factory representative at Kilar Fabrication. He said that his company takes pride in manufacturing carriers with the highest quality components, using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. “Our products meet the specific needs of each customer. Standard carrier packages can also be modified according to customer requirements. All products are engineered to withstand the most challenging work – anything from mild to wild!”

In particular, Kilar’s 10 Series Aluminum Carrier and their 10 Series Steel Carrier are very popular. Both carriers share a number of standard features such as a 10,000 lb. deck and a 8,000 lb. winch, but the aluminum carrier floor is extruded with 2 front/4 rear keyhole slots, and the steel floor is smooth with 4 front/6 rear keyhole slots.


“Instead of a wrecker, it seems more and more customers are using a slide-back bed for day-to-day jobs. This trend may have evolved because the slide-back works best for accommodating SUVs, all-wheel-drive and hybrid vehicles. The addition of a side puller or knuckle boom makes a rollback truck much more versatile for recovery type work,” Tracy said.

Tracy has noticed other trends as well. “Our clients definitely face a bigger challenge lately, in obtaining financing. As a result, we have assisted more customers than ever before with repairing old equipment and building new beds for older trucks. As a small, family-owned and operated business, Kilar has a lot of flexibility in offering both manufacturing and fabrication of repair parts – whether steel or aluminum. We also can provide in-house hydraulic cylinder fabrication and repair,” he stated.

Dynamic Towing Equipment & Mfg.

According to Randy Olson, Miller Industries vice president of marketing, “Miller Industries is the world leader in towing and recovery equipment. We manufacture well-known products in the industry, including Century, Chevron, Vulcan, Champion, Holmes, Challenger and Eagle. We also offer a complete line of recovery units with boom capacities ranging from 4 to 75 tons and carriers with deck lengths from 17.5 to 30’ in length with capacities up to 40,000 lbs.

“In the auto recycling market, our most popular product is a 21’ carrier with an independent hydraulic wheel lift which allows the operator to transport 2 vehicles. Our other popular model is a 4-car carrier that has a 28’ deck along with an over-the-cab rack. All of our carriers are available in steel or aluminum.”

Miller Industries Towing Equip. Inc.

Olson also said that Miller Industries brands have a long history in the carrier industry and that, “one of the most dramatic changes in the industry has been the patent-pending technology of Miller’s LCG carrier. The LCG (lower center of gravity) carrier has a deck height that is 5 to 6” lower than a more conventional carrier. The benefits include the ability to haul taller loads, greater stability when driving the loaded unit and a lower load angle,” Miller said.

He explained that with a lower deck height, the operator can easily secure his load while standing on the ground. “Regulations require a secure load with a four-point tie down. The configuration of this product is a great feature because it makes it easier for an operator to comply with those regulations. For easy unloading of damaged vehicles, the LCG also has a dump angle of 20 degrees. Most 2-car carriers are mounted on a chassis with a 26,000 lb. GVW – a big advantage over older carrier models that may be mounted on 10,000 to 15,000 lb. GVW carrier. Also, we’ve noticed that clients require their trucks to operate longer than ever, so it is important to buy a quality piece of equipment that holds up to the tough demands of the work. In addition to providing products that meet that need, we offer a nationwide distribution network that provides parts and service after the sale,” stated Olson.



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