Equipment Spotlight

Vertical Balers

Manufacturer List

C&M Baling Systems, Inc.
John D. Gibbs

Harmony Enterprises, Inc.
Brenda Hoag

Mary C. Johnson

International Baler Corp.
Randy Gibson

IPS Balers, Mfg.
Ken Korney

J.M. Hydraulics, Inc.
Blanca Caudillo

NEXGEN Baling Systems
Jim Loeffler

Mark Lanning

PTR Baler and Compactor Co.
Gregory Leon

Quality Bilt Equipment
Terry Holland

Waste Processing Equipment
Mike Smith

Vertical balers can be used for recycling paper, plastic, nonferrous material, wire, aluminum cans, cardboard or even used clothes. The machines are ideal for compacting large amounts of material into a dense, secure unit, which makes for easier storage of the material or immediate transport or sale. The units created by balers also help to optimize storage or transport capacity and can help keep work areas clean and clutter-free.

Harmony Enterprises has offered versatile and highly-customizable balers and compactors for recycling since 1970. According to Brent Christiansen, vice president of sales, “Quality, dedication and attention to detail is what sets our products apart. Our equipment is not only built to offer superior functionality, but is also designed to be aesthetically pleasing and fit well within our client’s workplace.”

Compliant with all safety regulations, Harmony products also carry the CE mark. “With over 40 models of vertical balers, automatic balers, and indoor and outdoor compactors, we offer products that fit the demand of any solid waste recycling need. We have several models for recycling paper and plastic but the two systems that really stand out are the T60XDRC and S60XDRC models,” Christiansen said. He stated that both systems can be configured as a unique rear feed baler for use in very high capacity situations, and a simple front feed system is also offered for situations where space is limited.

Via the rear feed system, steel and aluminum cans, plastic bottles and newsprint are simply dumped into the conveyor hopper. The material is then conveyed into the baler and automatically compacted into extremely dense bales. When the desired bale height is reached, the baler shuts down and a signal alerts the operator to tie off and eject the bale. The computer engineered frames can withstand 235,620 lbs. of force, and the T60XDRC features a 10” bore hydraulic cylinder with twin torque tubes. Extra heavy duty construction extends to every aspect of the machines, including the dual hydraulic ejectors, which smoothly eject bales weighing over 2,000 pounds. A hydraulically operated variable speed conveyor option is controlled by the baler and is designed to maximize productivity.

A large 7” cylinder, 96,000 lb. ram pressure, and 42 second cycle time, coupled with its rear hopper and conveyor, provides the power and capacity to quickly bale a variety of materials and the machines offers the option to manually feed various materials through the front door. The rear hopper and conveyor loading system saves labor and preparation time and the product is ideal for: recycling centers, transfer stations, supermarkets, hotels and motels, department stores, manufacturing facilities, colleges/universities, military bases, shopping centers and many industrial/commercial applications.


Baler output provides the operator with consistent, high-quality, heavy bales without preconditioning and results in a reduction of required storage space and transportation costs. All Harmony Enterprise machines are designed for many years of reliable, trouble free service. The S60XDRC model is usually purchased with a 36” wide conveyor but can be customized to accommodate a 48” conveyor.

“A vertical baler is a sound investment. A customer who wants to bale and sell cardboard can typically see a complete return on their investment within a year,” said Mary C. Johnson, inside sales and shipping manager at Harris. The company offers eight different vertical baler models that are “affordable, durable, and easy to operate in reducing waste and associated costs. Our heavy duty products are easily unloaded, meet ANSI standards, have UL approved control panels and can bale newspaper, cardboard, high grade paper, plastics, steel/aluminum cans and nonferrous metals. Harris balers are designed with space in mind and with a maximum width of 75”, depth of 47”, and height of 148”, it is easy to find the perfect location in your facility for one of our balers,” Johnson said.

IPS Balers

Ken Korney is sales manager at IPS Balers. IPS offers has a full line of vertical balers to meet the challenges of baling plastics, containers, nonferrous and fiber material. “Our balers are in operation worldwide and in most industries that generate waste which can be recycled – including municipal solid waste. Our most popular and generally used vertical baler is the Model V-60-B, which produces a mill size bale (60” x 30” x 45”) of old corrugated containers at a weight of up to 1,100 lbs.

“Features of the baler include a control panel disconnect switch, a pressure gauge in the hydraulic system, a safety guard and limit switch, and ‘pinch points’ have been eliminated in the rear of the frame,” Korney stated. He said that IPS strives for continuous improvement in product design so their balers are as efficient, green and user and maintenance-friendly as they can be. IPS works with major, national companies to help provide equipment for material recycling facilities with single steam recycling processes. “Our patented designs include examples like as our ‘Pre-Compression Lid’ and our ‘Articulating Hinge-Side’. These features help increase baling production, reduce wear and extend floor life,” Korney said.


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