Equipment Spotlight


Manufacturer List

AEC Magnetics Inc.
Bill Klaus

Eriez Manufacturing
John Mackowski

Gensco America, Inc.
Alan Zelunka

Magnetech Industrial Services, Inc.
David Koch

Moley Magnetics Inc.
Ronald Slaby

Ohio Magnetics Inc.
Ken Richendollar

SGM Magnetics
Robert Melenick

Walker Magnetics
Kristian Knights

Winkle Industries
Mark Volansky

Lifting magnets are used to collect and transfer bulk ferrous materials and are designed in various configurations for rigorous industrial use. Magnetech provides a wide range of industrial lifting magnet sizes and configurations to meet the needs of scrap and railroad yards, foundries, steel warehouses, fabrication shops and work involving slabs and billets or barge loading. All Magnetech magnets are designed to 75 percent duty cycle and constructed with class H insulation throughout the coil. Steel construction maximizes lift-to-weight ratio without sacrificing strength and durability.

Magnetech Industrial Services

“Our clients always strive to reduce their spares inventory and cost of maintenance. Our MagneTrac asset management program results in hard savings by reducing magnet spares inventory, down time and repairs,” said Trisha Abbruzzi, manager, marketing and communications. The system tracks, analyzes and maintains efficient production line performance through a field survey, the creation of an assessment and profile, and a comprehensive report and operator training.

Ron Slaby is sales manager at Moley Magnetics Inc., a full line magnet manufacturer and supplier to the recycling and demolition industry. “We serve North America, offering three main magnet product lines, including traditional DC magnets and generators, fully enclosed hydraulic magnets and battery operated magnet systems. Our ‘ESB’ battery operated magnet system is unique to Moley Magnetics and offers several key benefits to users,” Slaby said. He noted that the system is ideal for small to midsize recycling operations or any operation that uses a magnet for unloading or “sweeping” up the yard, gathering material that wasn’t collected by a grapple or is too labor intensive to be picked up by hand.

“Although this work can be accomplished with any magnet system, the benefits of using our ‘ESB’ include a low purchase price relative to other systems, easy installation, low maintenance and no generator to maintain.

“This system allows budget-conscious operations to own a highly dependable, easy-to-install and maintain magnet system, for the lowest cost on the market. The mechanism that allows these magnets to be as powerful as a traditional 230V magnet is low voltage and high current versus the traditional high voltage/low current. This approach to building a magnet system allows for a cooler running magnet which increases magnet life and lifting efficiency,” explained Slaby.

Moley Magnetics

The system power is provided by the 12 or 24V batteries of the vehicle to which it is attached, with the alternator recharging the batteries, eliminating the need and cost for a generator. The magnets are available in 26”, 32”, 36” and 40” sizes.

Winkle Industries is an ISO 9000-registered firm and a manufacturer of industrial lifting magnets. Mark Volansky, director of sales, stated, “Our magnets are American-made and offer several key characteristics that our clients value: the highest lift to weight ratio in the industry, a 75 percent continuous duty cycle for 24 hour operation, excellent mechanical properties that allow for outstanding durability even in the most severe applications, and we offer standard product lines plus the capability to custom design and engineer magnets for any application.”

Winkle products are sold in the steel manufacturing, scrap processing, slag reclamation, construction and demolition, foundry and shipbuilding industries. “As it relates specifically to the scrap industry, we supply and service everyone from small feeder yards to the major exporters with the industry’s widest range of product available. Of course, customers need to maximize productivity and throughput while minimizing production and maintenance costs. We provide value to our customers by properly sizing a lifting magnet to a crane to provide ultimate throughput capability. Our engineering expertise allows us to offer solutions for the specific application challenges faced by our clients,” Volansky said. He added, “Our customers are tied to consumer products like autos and appliances – anything that requires steel – as well as both domestic and third world infrastructure such as roads, rail, bridges, commercial construction, etc. So, our industry is tied to the overall health of the economy – like many others.

Winkle Industries

“With our product mix and service, we feel we are well-positioned to provide the value our customers need. Rather than just being suppliers to our clients, we are a solution provider. Stocking our engineering staff with the brightest minds in the industry puts us front and center with our clients. Also, we understand our role in the various industries and this allows our customers to stay focused on their core competencies while we focus on ours – making sure they have the right pieces of equipment for the application specified and providing the service and engineering support they need to meet and exceed their production numbers,” Volansky concluded.


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