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Manufacturer List

Bunting Magnetics
Paul Hansen

Dings Company Magnetic Group
Mike Vukovic

Eriez Manufacturing Co.
Mike Shattuck

Huron Valley Steel Corp.
David Wallace

Industrial Magnetics Inc.
Dennis O’Leary

Magnetech Industrial Services
Vanessa Zamarelli

Magnetic Lifting Technologies
Christian McKinney

Magnetic Products, Inc.
Kyle Rhodes

Master Magnets Ltd
Jonathan Millington
44 1527 65858

Moley Magnetics, Inc.
Ron Slaby

Ohio Magnetics
Cat Szall

SGM Magnetics Corp.  
Robert Melenick

Steinert US
Robert Broughton

The Magnetics Division,
Global Equip. Mktg. Inc.
Marshall Gralnick

Walker Magnetics
Michael Hadjinian

Winkle Industries
Tony Pinchot

Optimum metal reclamation is paramount in any scrap recycling operation and there are many products available in the industry to aid in that process.

Whether the work involves sorting or simply moving the material, it is important to have the appropriate magnet for the job. The magnet can be used to avoid costs that may arise when loose metal turns up in places where it shouldn’t, which can result in damaged equipment and downtime.

The Industrial Magnetics (IMI) SMS line of suspended, self-cleaning magnets for over the conveyor, cross-belt applications features a super-strength, permanent-magnetic circuit for outstanding ferrous metal separation capabilities. Used to protect vital processing equipment from costly damage and improve product purity and quality, IMI’s SMS units are proven in industries such as, mining, aggregate, recycling, tire-shredding, foundry, wood chip, pulp & paper, power generation and construction and demolition.

The powerful, deep reaching SMS magnet pulls metal contaminants to its face while the continuous, self-cleaning, cleated belt package removes captured metal safely out of the product flow where it can be collected and reclaimed. “Featuring a low profile design and a uniform, extended magnetic field designed to run across the full width of the conveyor, the SMS is ideal for portable size reduction equipment or stationed prior to a metal detector to achieve maximum separation and system performance,” Dennis O’Leary, president explained.

SMS units are offered with standard options including: direct drive 240/480 volt 3 phase motor, stainless steel magnet box and guards, 3/8” thick 2-ply rubber belt and cross-belt design. An array of options are available, such as: stainless or vulcanized cleats, rubber or urethane belts, inline design, 380 volt 50HZ 3 phase motor, direct drive hydraulic, shaft-mounted or explosion proof motors and custom construction and guarding.

Marshall Gralnick is president of Global Equipment, Magnetics Division. He is anticipating some new developments in the magnet market. “Many in the industry are preparing for the government sponsored revenue infusion that will help improve our depleted infrastructure. This should be a boost for a variety of industries, including machinery, aggregate and road building. Any company with a secondary or tertiary crusher or that plans to buy one but without considering adding, at a minimum, a suspension magnet, is playing Russian roulette. Without a magnet for protection, eventually a piece of metal – sledgehammer, loader tooth, or some other item – will go through your crusher and cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage and repairs.”

Gralnick noted how those dollars, added to lost production and downtime could’ve instead been used to purchase magnets that could have prevented such an incident. “And without a magnet, such an incident could occur again. Over the past 25 years we have offered both permanent and electro suspension magnets for protection and piece-of-mind. Our permanent magnets are the strongest offered by any magnet company, anywhere in the world. Permanent suspension magnets offer the best value for the investment. They are easy to set-up and operate, since they have no moving parts and can last a lifetime. Our warranty offers lifetime guarantees against loss of magnetic strength,” he said.

All Magnetics Division permanent magnets include manual cleaning devices for easy and safe removal of the tramp metal and also come with a set of adjustable suspension chains. The firm stocks many sizes for immediate shipment, for various belt widths from 18 to 84”, belt speeds to 600 FPM, and material burden depths from 1 to 12” for permanent magnets and 1 to 30” burdens for electro magnets.

Moley Magnetics is a manufacturer of scrap yard magnets, shears, grapples and magnet controllers/generators. “I think most would agree that magnets are a crucial part of most ferrous recycling operations and as such the purchase and maintenance of magnets is a major focus. However, magnets aren’t a viable tool without a proper generator and controller,” Ron Slaby, vice president of sales, stated.

So, what does one look for from a generator and magnet controller? “In the past, they have been large, expensive, hard to maintain and offered little versatility. Moley Magnetics offers a solution to these issues. Our MagStar hydraulic or diesel generator is the latest development in low cost, modular controllers that offer the owner variable magnet operation programs – as well as built-in fault identification and an operational log,” Slaby said.

MagStar generators are smaller than typical generator sets and this is important as excavators become more compact with less space to install accessories. Couple this size advantage with multiple program settings that allow for optimum moving of heavy melt and in the touch of a button, moving turnings is optimized. The Moley MagStar allows for tracking of operation, so owners have records of magnet on and off time and operators can improve magnet life by observing duty cycle. The MagStar also self diagnoses faults. Slaby stated, “Too often, an owner is left scratching his head as to why his magnet is not operating properly, but with the self-diagnosing MagStar the operator is informed in the instance of a shorted magnet cable, shorted magnet or a blown fuse. This magnet is a new, safe, cost effective, easily maintained generator and controller for your magnet needs with sizes from 9 kW to 30 kW.”

Published in the April 2017 Edition of American Recycler News