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Manufacturer List

Curt Spry

Colmar USA, Inc.
Liliana Gambino

Diamond Z
Pat Crawford

Granutech-Saturn Systems
Greg Wright

Imabe of America Corp.
Cesar Benitez

Iron Ax
John Kitchens

Overbuilt, Inc.
Steve Besch

The RM Johnson Co., Inc.
David Van Vleet

Sierra International
Jose Pereyra

Because efficiency in operations increases the bottom line, auto recyclers have been using car balers, crushers and loggers for decades, to optimize the space required for processing of inventory and for the transport of recycled vehicles.

Iron Ax manufactures a 20’ and a 16’ baler. Both units can be equipped with a crane but standard build for inventory consists of a 20’ baler with no crane. “If a customer wants a baler with a crane we can certainly accommodate them. Our machines are heavy duty and built to last. They all feature remote control and automatic cycle and our balers offer a high speed baling cycle – it is approximately one minute long. Baler hydraulic pressure can be adjusted at the touch of a button. The benefit of having adjustable pressure is that you can make either a tight or a loose bale with our machine. Set up time for our baler is minimal. Our unit is designed to increase production and efficiency all the way around. After the baler is unhooked from the truck and the outriggers have been lowered, the machine is ready to process. Set-up only takes a matter of minutes,” explained John Kitchens, vice president.

He said that Iron Ax owns and operates six scrap yards in the state of Georgia and the firm has been in the scrap business for almost 50 years. He added, “Over 25 years ago, we started making products for our own use in our scrap operation. It was a natural transition to introduce our products in the marketplace. We know the scrap industry because we are in the same industry as our customers. We know what they need to get the job done, and it gives us a unique perspective that our customers seem to really appreciate.”

Kitchens said their product is popular for a number of reasons. “One reason is the fact that our company is stable. We have had the same ownership since day one. When customers call they are talking to the same staff they have been talking to for over 20 years. When it comes to service, our customers know that we are there for them.”

Iron Ax has seen baler sales continue to improve, year after year because yard owners realize the need for a baler. “With a car crusher you are limited to crushing cars. With a baler you can process cars, white goods, loose iron, etc. A baler is such a versatile machine that it can actually open up new streams of scrap. A lot of customers have discovered that they can now purchase more material or even different types of material than they could prior to getting a baler, because they are now able to process it with ease,” said Kitchens.

According to Dave Van Vleet, sales manager, the portable E-Z Log Baler made by RM Johnson produces a bale in a fast, neat manner. After a fluid level check, it is ready to go and an operator can move the grapple crane up to 400°, reach out 23’ and lift 2,000 lbs. The company offers three other logger models as well. By selecting the metal type and volume of each bundle, a user can produce log bales to fit the requirement of the desired market and the E-Z Log Baler can operate from the control platform. The unit can be moved to the same location as the scrap that must be processed.

“Even expensive machines are worthless if the final product can’t be shredded. Our innovative hydraulic compression sequence solves this problem. Once the loose scrap is loaded into the baling chamber, the E-Z Log Baler ‘rolls’ the scrap. An interwoven, low density bundle of about 35 lbs. per cubic foot is the result. Rolling the material, as opposed to mere compressing, produces a log that will stay together even when dropped. Yet the rolled logs remain loose and low density enough for a 1,500 hp shredder to easily process them,” Van Vleet stated.

He claims the simple but unique design of the machine, with easily accessible components, aids trouble-free operation and servicing. He added, “Fewer moving parts and smaller hydraulic cylinders produce a better bundle at a lower processing cost than other loggers. All of the hydraulic cylinders are manufactured with high-grade seamless polished steel at our own factory. All E-Z Log Balers also use standard parts and components. Operating instructions are provided by our trained specialists and baler options include stationary or portable; diesel, gas or electric engines. Custom designs and specifications are also available.

“Sierra International Machinery is the highest production car logger in the world and our RB6000 car logger/baler has set the standard for production,” Jose Pereyra, general sales manager, said. The RB6000 is a mobile machine which comes in two options: The original RB6000, a “big brother” to the RB5000 car logger/baler, is mounted on a three-axle trailer which can be transported quickly and easily from site to site. The RB6000-SL is an alternate self-loading version of the standard RB6000. The machine is equipped with hydraulic legs that lift and lower the unit, making it possible for a lowboy trailer to be backed underneath it for easy transport.    

The RB6000 boasts a large 20' by 8.5' folding box that can log any automobile, even full size vans and SUVs. In addition to logging cars, the RB6000 can also make short work of white goods, tin, clips, and sheet iron. The power for the RB6000 is generated through a Cummins 6 cylinder turbo diesel engine. Pereyra noted, “This engine is strong and capable of generating enough torque to handle the toughest of jobs. In addition to the Cummins engine, the RB6000 utilizes Rexroth hydraulics to create a maximum operating pressure of 4020 PSI.”

The power generated by the machine is utilized to drive two main compression rams and six folding door rams. Each of the main compression cylinders applies a force of 170 tons for a total of 340 tons of main compression force. Each of the folding door rams, three per side, apply 88 tons of force for a total of 264 tons of force per side. These forces, coupled with the curved door design of the folding box, ensure tight and compact logs and bales. The log size produced by the RB6000 is 40 x 24” x variable in size, at an average density of 25 to 35 lbs. per cubic foot and an average weight of 1,200 lbs. The bales produced are 40 x 24” x variable in size, with an average weight of 850 lbs.

“When logging white goods and tin the RB6000 can produce upwards of 27 tons per hour. When logging automobiles, it can produce up to nearly 50 tons per hour. The RB6000 production is the highest among car loggers on the market today. Each and every part on it is designed for longevity so repairs and equipment life will not be a constant concern. Sierra is committed to customer satisfaction and is proud to stand by our long, distinguished record of service,” said Pereyra.

The RB6000 comes standard with a full functioning crane, capable of working independent of the baler, and has continuous rotation capabilities. The boom length is 26’3” and it has a 5,000 lb. capacity when fully extended. Rexroth hydraulics are used on the crane as well, to ensure that power is never an issue. The crane comes standard with a four point, extremely sturdy grapple, designed specifically for working with automobiles.

Published in the July 2017 Edition of American Recycler News