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Jeff Diederich

Brother’s Equipment Inc.
Lee Jurek

Rick Schoenfelder


As long as there are crushed and discarded automobiles, there will likely be a need to move them from one location to another. There are a few different vehicles that can help in that regard and Benlee is just one of the companies that offer some solutions.

“In an always competitive and ever expanding vehicle recycling industry, Benlee has developed a full line of crushed car haulers to serve our customer’s needs.  Ranging from 48’ to 53’ in an 8”, 16” or double drop configuration with either a Mountain Tarp ‘Sliding Tarp’ Enclosure System or a Cramaro Gate system, we can supply a unit that will allow our customers to have a cost effective and reliable solution for moving crushed cars,” Greg Brown, owner said. Standard features include a fluid containment system as well as reinforced side walls for reliability. Available options include air ride as well as an auto inflate system.

“For almost 40 years, Benlee has been one of the top names in the industry and manufactures the best roll off, crushed car, open top gondola trailers and roll off trucks,” Brown claimed. “Our 32,000 sq.ft., 12 acre facility sits in the heart of manufacturing America in Romulus, Michigan, near Detroit. Quality is a hallmark at Benlee and we boast five service bays, two frame straightening bays, a spare parts business and even a rental operation. Our in-house manufacturing brings together a highly experienced crew of experts that design, service, sell and support the best roll off containers, roll off dumpsters, roll off dump trailers and trucks, as well as crushed car units and other specialty vehicles,” he added.

Brother’s Equipment builds crushed car haulers ranging from 40’ to 53’, single drop trailer frames and double drop trailer frames. Lee Jurek, sales manager explained, “The weight law of the state and how much you can legally haul determines the size of the trailer you may need.” The firm’s Ace product line has been in production for over 79 years and includes many kinds of custom built crushed car trailers, Jurek said.

He noted that safety is of paramount importance with these products, for the operator and others as the load travels down the road.

For example, it is often necessary for the operator to climb onto the trailer to secure the load. Based on the weather conditions, this can be dangerous.

To combat this, in all areas where the operator may stand on the trailer, Brother’s Equipment trailers include a grated step material surface and handrails for added support. For securing trailer contents, the firm offers many different options such as cable, chain binders, curtains, plastic mesh, hydraulic door, and solid sidewall with forklift cutouts.

“Most customers like to have a trailer built specifically for them, as state requirements and each application require us to meet and exceed the needs of our customers. There are several designs for our crushed car haulers: a three-sided with curtain, dual curtain sides and hydraulic clam shell style. All types are designed for safety and ease of operation for the drive,” said Jurek.

He stated, “Each state has different bridge laws, but customer needs and applications vary. All of our standard trailers meet federal bridge requirements but each state or customer application may require a specific design. In the end, we realize that the goal is for the trailers to carry as many crushed vehicles as possible. We’ve noticed that companies are sometimes sold a bill of goods, based on old technology. So, it is advantageous for the buyer to do the homework and see what’s best for the application involved. In the end, the trailer will last far longer.”

Rick Schoenfelder is sales manager at Demco/Maurer. He said, “The Demco/Maurer Gondola is the industry standard for durability and cost efficiency in the scrap industry. We offer models in both mild and Hardox steel, ranging in size from 40 to 48 feet with wall heights of 4 to 8 feet. Our models also offer a 45 to 113 yard capacity and I am confident we have a gondola to suit you. The Hardox body offers our customers more durability over years of hard service than standard hard steel. You get what you pay for and it pays you back. Working with members of the trade and the ISRI Convention, we have worked to develop products that fit the needs of the scrap and recycling industries.”

Demco/Maurer also offers a line of end-dump trailers with the same reliability and durability as their other products, to add to your fleet when a gondola doesn’t fit the bill. Other options include a full line of Circle R side dumps “that can come in handy on the job site. As with golf, one club is not always enough to meet your needs,” Schoenfelder joked. He also explained, “Our customers enjoy our dealer network, offering service after the sale, which is not available to those who purchase from a factory direct sales company. Stock availability is four to six weeks from order to delivery time and if we don’t have an item in stock, we can get it for you in a timely fashion. Our clients also appreciate the way our paint shop can match their corporate colors with our two-part poly paint system, which allows their carriers to stand out even more. Demco/Maurer is committed to building the trailer that you need with the durability to take what the industry dishes out, and at a cost to keep you profitable.”

Published in the October 2017 Edition of American Recycler News