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Manufacturer List

Andela Products
Jeremy Croft

BCA Industries
John Neuens

John Farney

Eldan Recycling
Ken Moulin

Franklin Miller, Inc.
Dave Schuppe

JWC Environmental
Kevin Bates

Komar Industries Inc.
Mark Koenig

Joe Roberto

SSI Shredding Systems Inc.
Dave Fleming

UNTHA Shredding Technology
Bernhard Martinz

As rapid breakthroughs in technology continue and as electronic commodity prices drop dramatically, an increase in electronic waste has resulted. A whopping 20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste are disposed of annually so items such as computers, cells phones, fax machines and printers are piling up and it is best to recycle rather than dump them.

Andela Products provides solutions for generating marketable glass product from waste glass, including cathode ray tubes (CRTs). The thick face panel glass accounts for approximately two-thirds the weight of each tube and is lead free when separated from the frit and the funnel. Due to the leaded glass in the funnel portion of the tube, many choose to manually separate the funnel from the clean panel glass prior to reduction. By doing so, front panels can be pulverized and resold as glass product, while the leaded funnel and frit go to a lead market. The firm has designed and developed glass recycling technology for 25 years.

Andela glass breakers and pulverizers provide size and volume reduction options for the CRT glass. The panel glass can be size separated and converted into safe handling aggregate/sand product using Andela’s industrial grade turn-key systems producing 3/8”-1/8” aggregate and 1/8” minus glass sand product at capacities of 3 to 20 tons per hour. “This versatile material can be marketed as a substitute for a wide variety of applications right in the local community,” Cynthia Andela, president and chief executive officer said. She added, “We provide fully integrated breaker and pulverizer modules designed for containerized, crushing and separation of whole CRT monitors. Patented flexible impactor technology reduces glass material and metal is discharged separately for further processing. Any harmful dust particles are contained within the enclosure paired with adequate dust collection.”

The Eldan Recycling Company reports that more than 830 of their complete systems and 7,100 of their individual machines have been installed, worldwide. Eldan’s Ring Shredder S1500 is used for primary shredding of computer scrap that contains main frame and personal computers, keyboards, monitors with a glass tube, printers, fax machines, hard drives, printed circuit boards (PCBs) and more. The S1500 can handle pieces up to 40” x 40” x 28” with a maximum weight of 100 pounds. Output size is 1.5” x 4” and the high speed (990 rpm) shredder has a 535hp electrical drive with a rotor length of 60”. Maximum capacity is 7 tons per production hour.

Processing electronic waste with an Eldan system allows a user to retrieve: various fraction of ferrous and SS (stainless steel), various fraction of nonferrous metals (aluminum, copper, brass), PCBs, refining material containing copper, brass, zinc, lead and precious metals (PM), and organic fraction (plastic, rubber, wood, textile and dust). A complete Eldan WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) recycling system includes the following: a shredder, an eddy current separator 1, a tumble back feeder, a multi-purpose rasper, an eddy current separator 2, a heavy granulator and a separation table.

Eldan first supplied a complete WEEE system to a customer in Switzerland, in 2001. Ken Moulin, area sales manager noted, “We were one of first firms to offer a complete system for processing of WEEE and we now have installations all over the world. We satisfy customers with superior equipment and technology, and a high level of after sales support. Eldan can tailor a system for each customer’s specific requirements. I recently attended the annual E-Scrap conference in Orlando, Florida. We have exhibited at this event for several years and this year’s event brought out several new attendees and provided us with some nice opportunities. I think this is a good sign for the U.S. and Canadian markets. During the past 60 years, we’ve worked hard to supply the best equipment to the recycling industry. We’re the first choice for so many in the industry because we offer high-quality, flexible products that are developed and manufactured by experienced, service-minded personnel.”

JWC Environmental has offered unique solutions in recycling for years. JWC’s Shred Series products are designed to process and destroy mass loads of electronic waste in wet or dry applications. Shred Series products are available in four different sizes; 1-Shred, 3-Shred, 4-Shred & 7-Shred. Stacy Peshkopia, industrial product manager stated, “The machines are ideal for companies that focus on reducing their e-waste volume and so reduce hauling costs. JWC offers shredders that have interchangeable cutters, motors, and sizes depending on the specific waste requirements. Based on the desired particle size, there is plethora of standard and custom-steel, hardened cutters available to ensure your recycling goals are being achieved.”

As the volume of electronic waste continues to grow, so will the portion of it that includes related accessories. The JWC Shred Series products are capable of both electronic and accessory destruction, including cell phone cases, keyboards, headphones and more. “We must find better ways to recycle and recover the valuable commodities contained in e-waste. Installing our shredders in recycling, waste to energy, commercial facility sewage, food processing and oil and gas facilities will help dramatically in that effort. With JWC’s 40 years of manufacturing experience and distribution, our Monster products are working every day in various applications and are ready to take on your next project.” Peshkopia explained.

Published in the November 2017 Edition of American Recycler News