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Manufacturer List

CW Mill Equipment Co., Inc.
Tim Wenger

Diamond Z
Pat Crawford

DuraTech Industries International Inc.
Bob Strahm

Morbark Inc.
Nate Everest

Precision Husky Corporation
Steve Briscoe

Vermeer Corporation
Matt Eul

W.H.O. Manufacturing Company
Jon Littler

Tub grinders process organic waste via a hammer located at the bottom of the tub. Gravity facilitates in pulling the material through the machine, which is offered in a variety of models, market-wide.

The HogZilla® brand grinder for wood, C&D waste, tires and other types of waste was introduced over 25 years ago. The top of the line TCII-1564P diesel powered model has been the most requested, while more recently electric powered Hogzillas have gained considerable popularity. CW Mill Equipment Co., Inc. manufactures the product and they offer 20 standard models along with numerous options. The company has manufactured tub grinders for 45 years.

CW Mill“Heavy construction quality components and proven design have stood the test of time. Whether used for making mulch, clearing land, grinding up storm debris or shredding tires, customers have entrusted HogZilla for the production, reliability and profitability they provide,” Tim Wenger, vice president & sales manager, commented.

He noted that electric powered grinders became more popular when the price of diesel rose to approximately $4.00 per gallon. However, they remain popular with many mulch producers as they look to minimize their production costs in the competitive marketplace. He added, “Avoiding diesel engine maintenance can save an hour per day in production time. The cost of filters, repairs, and the lack of exhaust are all extra benefits of using electric power. If your grinding operation can access sufficient electric power, you owe it to yourself and your organization to contact us.

“Over 25 years ago the first HogZilla was built to last a lifetime. That first machine is still in operation today, and some Hogzillas have been in use for over 30,000 hours. There are many HogZilla grinders with well over 10,000 hours, although some have required an engine rebuild. When production, strength and quality are the goals, and not cost — a lifetime of service becomes obtainable,” said Wenger. 

Precision Husky Tub Grinder models range from the 250 hp ProGrind 900 to the 1,200 hp 5200. The 5200 and ProGrind 4000 are available with or without a Husky Knuckle Boom Loader attached. The ProGrind H3045 with 500 hp, the H3060 with 600 to 700 hp, and H4060 with up to 1,200 hp round out the firm’s horizontal grinder offerings. “Precision Grinders have always been known for ease of maintenance and reliable operational controls. Our tub grinders are widely used by contractors, municipalities and national governments around the world. The machines are used for processing yard waste, forestry waste, pallets, construction waste, and storm cleanup. The users are involved in the manufacture of compost, fuel, mulch, etc.,” explained Steve Briscoe, ProGrind sales manager.

Briscoe said that the regulations for these machines and their operation have always been a challenge. Precision offers a remote controlled thrown object shield for tub grinders, which allows the units to be used in areas where space is tight. The regulation that affects all manufacturers of these machines is the EPA’s Tier Emissions Standards. This regulation impacts product pricing because it often requires most manufacturers to do some redesign for placement of engines. “Even with this requirement, Precision is excited about the design opportunities that are coming along in the next few months and years,” said Briscoe.

Precision HuskyPrecision Husky Corporation is a 50 year old international company that manufactures waste wood processing equipment for the forestry, sawmill, and recycling industries. Precision Husky purchased the Recycling Equipment Division from The Toro Company in 1998. Precision expanded the line, and now offers 6 different models of tub style grinders, and 3 horizontal grinders. The tub style grinders are offered as trailer mounted machines or track mounted units. The horizontals are offered trailer mounted, track mounted, or as stationary electric units.

Tub grinders manufactured by Vermeer are “loaded with innovative features to help improve efficiency and job-site safety. The machines are designed to handle stuorgamps, regrind, and high-volume wood recycling and mulch operations. Ranging from 540 hp to 1,125 hp, our product line also includes an optional grapple loader and a unique bioscreen kit. The kit allows non-woody biomass material, such as hay or agriculture residue, to pass efficiently through the grinder without deteriorating the end product,” Matt Eul, product marketing specialist, explained.

Organic materials come in many shapes and sizes, and Eul said that Vermeer tub grinders offer high-volume regrinding, as well as processing of difficult wood waste and biomass material. Utilizing the patented duplex drum cutting system and multiple screen size options, the product offers the versatility needed by users. Eul further noted that efficiency and cost savings can most easily be affected by reducing maintenance and repair time, for example: it can be beneficial to have an easy method for replacing items such as replaceable, bolt-on wear parts. The ability to remove the drum, reverse the hammers, reverse the drum, etc., without the need to weld parts together, also increases the efficiency and the life of wear parts.

Eul stated, “Vermeer continuously strives to assist customers in protecting their investment. We have recently invested in new technology referred to as a Damage Defense system. Damage Defense is a sensing technology that helps reduce the likelihood of major damage caused from certain metal contaminant material that may enter the mill. The system is able to help identify this metal when it first hits the mill, while the material is still in the infeed. If a contaminant is detected, the machine will shut down to give the operator the opportunity to remove the material before it can enter the hammermill. The Damage Defense system can help reduce the likelihood of significant damage and repair time.”

Published in the January 2018 Edition of American Recycler News