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The early stage of recycling an automobile involves transporting it from the point of disposal to the point of recycling.

Manufacturer List

Al-jon Manufacturing, LLC
Curt Spry

Diamond Z
Pat Crawford

Granutech-Saturn Systems
Greg Wright

Iron Ax, Inc.
John Kitchens

OverBuilt, Inc.
Steve Besch

The R.M. Johnson Co.
David Van Vleet

To move the item efficiently, it’s best to reduce it to a form that is more economical to transport. That is the juncture at which a car crusher can be very helpful.

Granutech-Saturn Systems has been making car crushers and loggers for nearly 50 years. According to business development manager Greg Wright, “With our wireless control, remote operational capability is a standard feature of our Big MAC crusher. By allowing one person to load and operate the crusher, operational costs are reduced. Also, our hydraulic landing gear eliminates the need for heavy operator labor to pick up or drop off the Big MAC. This removes the need for workers from the immediate processing area, improving on-site safety.”

Wright explained that “Operators can quickly and easily raise the high-quality, precision cylinders. They can likewise be lowered for travel, and the Big MAC flattener meets the needs of today’s mobile scrap and auto scrap processor. Offering a wide, 90” lift for easier loading and larger capacities, 4 to 6 automobiles can easily compact into dense bundles, reducing onsite storage demands and transportation costs. Also, the Big MAC comes ‘loaded’ as standard, so no additional options are necessary.” He said the redesigned hydraulic landing gear also speeds setup, while a range of available diesel engines – including John Deere and Cummins – offers unparalleled choice and versatility in power.

The MAC Magnum Logger made by Granutech-Saturn Systems is ideal for automotive recycling applications requiring a rugged, dependable machine. Featuring a continuous-rotation crane, it boasts the longest, strongest reach of any logger/baler in the industry (27’ 4”) and it can handle a load capacity of 5,800 lbs. at full reach. Equipped with a plus-size high-production chamber, the MAC Magnum also offers variable density options, and variable length log/bales sized 40” x 26”. The cab features an IQAN™ control system for maximum control flexibility.

Wright noted that regulations have not affected car crushers a great deal in the recent past. “We do have to keep up with the laws regarding engines,” he said. “Now, engines must be Tier III, and by 2017, most will be Tier IV. Some cities and municipalities like California and New Jersey have even stricter regulations. It’s unlikely anyone will soon see a flood of autos for recycling like the one prompted by Cash for Clunkers, but auto recycling isn’t going away. Short term is anyone’s guess and long term will be good. The need for scrap steel will always be around but cars are becoming lighter because they contain less steel and more aluminum. So this impacts steel processing and aluminum recovery rates.”

OverBuilt Inc. produced their first car crusher in 1996. Since then they have shipped over 550 crushers to clients across the globe and boast the only true “High Speed” Car Crusher on the market, with a patented Oil Bypass system allowing reduced cycle times of up to 43 percent. They also have the largest crushing chamber opening of 10’. This allows the operator to get more tonnage per stack.

Scott Rink, owner, said that OverBuilt has been proactive in meeting the challenges of the scrap and auto salvage markets over the years. “Our baler logger, introduced in 2008, gives scrap recyclers fast and efficient performance. With its 20’ charge box, and a crane providing a 26.5’ reach and greater lifting capacity; it compresses metal and vehicles into a denser, more stackable form. That results in faster loading and transporting of finished product to market,” Rink noted.

The company offers 2 other products as well: a 400 gallon on-board waste fluid recovery system, and the largest fuel cell available in the industry at 400 gallons. The latter allows their customers to fuel other yard equipment right off the crusher with an optional lockable, auxiliary fuel pump. All of this was done using existing space on the crusher. Most crushers in the market offer hydraulic landing gear that allows for quick setup but only OverBuilt crushers include safety lid locks that can be activated from the ground by the operator.

Rink explained that the market has moved more from crushers to baler loggers and he expects baler sales to take over those of crushers in the next few years. “Our baler/logger is big and powerful enough to handle any job in the industry, and the recession has resulted in customers keeping equipment longer. We’ve responded to that trend with high quality, long lasting machines, literally over built to last. We also offer outstanding parts availability and service after the sale. Keeping our customers up and running for the life of the machine is second only to building the highest quality product to begin with,” said Rink.

“The E-Z Crusher will crush cars, trucks, buses, farm equipment, metal, tin and more. The crusher is also easy to use,” stated David Van Vleet, sales manager at R.M. Johnson Company. Three models are offered: the A Model (super crusher), for the most demanding, custom crushing jobs; the B Model (standard crusher), perfect for most salvage yard owners, and the C Model (single crusher), an affordable model for small or large yard operations.

All E-Z Crushers are available as portable or stationary, and include a unique hydraulic system that provides maximum power. Mounted on the bottom deck of the unit, hydraulic cylinders pull rather than push the crusher deck down, which puts less stress on the machine. So, at the point of greatest resistance, the cylinder is at its strongest position. This configuration is also beneficial because the travel height of the machine is the same as the operating height (13’ 3”), so the entire unit is easy to transport.

Made of seamless high-grade polished steel, each cylinder can be operated independently, “giving you more leverage and maneuverability. Independent cylinders indicate that two different hydraulic oil ‘circuits’ lead to a common drive pump, which makes troubleshooting easier. The pressure is adjustable as a safety relief valve is built into each cylinder. This prevents possible damage to the cylinder. It isn’t necessary to move cylinders when you move so there is no set up time required. E-Z Crusher is ready to go to work when you arrive at a site. The R.M. Johnson Company has fine-tuned the design of the E-Z Crusher over many years, making the product as easy to use as possible, and built with more steel and after-purchase support for maximum customer satisfaction,” Van Vleet said.

Published in the May 2014 Edition of American Recycler News