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Those of you who know me know I live the positive energy mantra. What do I say when you ask me how I am doing? I say, “The best!” There is no other way to achieve maximum success in what can be the grueling drive to the top.

How can you practice positive energy and what will practicing it do for you?

•Even in the middle of something negative, you can be positive. Look for that path, live it, breathe it and evangelize it. Everyone around you will notice and positive energy makes whatever you are facing likely to come out better. An employee wrecked the delivery truck this morning? He’s ok, and we needed to replace that truck anyway. And now we can get the larger model, and aren’t we glad we had insurance? Rent a truck and move on.
•Always be cheerful. My dad taught me that no one cares if your feet hurt, so why tell them? Being positive is infectious and appreciated by those around you most of the time.
•Positive energy can get you and your team through a rough spot; just keep it positive! Again, your team will notice and be more effective.
•You can usually find a positive result, even in a bad financial report. You still have to work on the bad fundamentals, but approach them with a positive spin. In other articles I’ve talked about my old boss at Ford, Dixon Thayer, and his mantra of positive dissatisfaction. Being positive will bring better results; no one likes to have negative energy.
•In private meetings, even when admonishing employees, get past the admonishment as soon as possible and focus on the path forward with a program to solve the issue and get to the result you both want. The employee wants to get through it more than you, and leaving it on a positive note can help the employee over the negative feelings sooner.
•With vendors, bankers, and other stakeholders, you want to be the one they remember as always having positive energy. Be careful not to be unrealistically optimistic so that you can always under promise and over deliver.
•Use the same positive energy in your personal life will improve your home life and your relationship with your kids and spouse.

Don’t confuse having positive energy with just sugar coating everything negative. Not holding others or yourself accountable is not positive energy. Nor does positive energy mean you are unrealistically optimistic. Just be happy and optimistic as you plow through the minutia of the grind to the top. And love what you do.

You can’t fake positive energy for more than a short time; you must adopt it, buy into it and you must love what you do (most of the time). If you don’t love what you do, go find something else that you want to do enough to let the positive energy flow.