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Italian-based global automotive recycling equipment manufacturer, Iris Mec, has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with OBC Baling. OBC will manage the sales and servicing of Iris Mec products throughout the U.S.

As a provider of balers, shears and other scrap metal recycling equipment, OBC is well-positioned to leverage their existing relationships and brand strength to help introduce the Iris Mec products, and the cost-effective benefits they provide. Mike McChrystal, president and owner of OBC, stated, “The Iris Mec line expands our product breadth into a new horizontal that complements many of our other offerings. With the dynamic status of auto recycling regulations, processors need to be more careful with how they deal with vehicles at the end of their life span, and we believe Iris Mec has the best solution to help recyclers with the deconstruction effort.”

Iris Mec builds a range of products that assist recyclers with the removal of hazardous materials from retired automobiles including fluid drainage systems, airbag deactivators, containment tanks, and gasoline extractors.

Published in the June 2014 Edition of American Recycler News