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Cumberland County, Pennsylvania’s electronics recycling center opened for business in July, 2017.

The cash fee to recycle electronics is $0.50 per pound. There is an additional 1.5 percent convenience fee for debit card users and a 2.5 percent convenience fee for credit card users. Both types of cards have a minimum convenience fee charge of $2.50.

All electronics are weighed on a certified floor scale. The total weight of the electronics and the total bill is presented before payment is accepted.

Cumberland County takes steps to secure computers with hard drives and hard drives by themselves while in the possession of Cumberland County and awaiting transportation to our R2 certified recycler. Cumberland County cannot, however, guarantee the security of such information. The county recommends people erase all personal and private files from their computer or hard drive before turning it over for recycling.

Electronics are sorted into like materials and packaged on either pallets or in Gaylord boxes. Once a full load of electronics is obtained (18,000 pounds), the collected electronics are sent to a contracted recycler, Sunnking, in Brockport, New York. Sunnking is certified to the R2 Standard. The R2 Standard provides a common set of processes, safety measures, and documentation requirements for businesses that repair and recycle used electronics. R2 is rigorously and independently audited, emphasizing quality, safety, and transparency.

As of October, Cumberland County has taken in 173,657 pounds of electronics for recycling. 

Published in the November 2017 Edition of American Recycler News