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TechWaste Recycling, an industry leader in electronic recycling and e-waste disposal, has launched a new service line that provides companies with certified and secure product destruction and brand protection.

The world of electronics recycling and data destruction goes far beyond certifying correct disposals of monitors and smashing hard-drives. Everything in today’s world has a cord or a battery and virtually all consumer products have some form of electronics or packaging that is part of the product.

“If it has a cord or a battery, at some point, that product will need to be responsibly recycled,” says TechWaste chief executive officer, Richard Steffens. But beyond electronics recycling, companies often need full product destruction and this is where TechWaste’s newly launched service shines.

Consumer protection, litigation, and brand reputation collectively being at all-time highs, present businesses and agencies with the need to protect themselves and their customers from faulty, counterfeit, expired, recalled, or otherwise unusable products. Only total product destruction can assure that returned, discontinued, or unwanted products will not return the marketplace.

TechWaste Recycling’s Certified & Secure Product Destruction service ensures brand and business names are protected at all times by providing complete product destruction. Even as a product has been discontinued, it could reach a secondary resell black market and still to the consumer represent the brand.

Depending on your product destruction requirements, TechWaste can utilize a variety of destruction processes, including shredding, crushing, and manual destruction, to achieve desired results. TechWaste Recycling’s product destruction methods allow for a high volume of products to be destroyed in minimal times, enabling us to handle any large project type requiring the demanufacturing of products.

With comprehensive product tracking, certifications to match your needs, and convenient free pickups, your product, and your reputation, is secure with TechWaste Recycling. TechWaste is fully certified to destroy products and equipment and meet mandates and laws set forth by HIPAA, DOD, CPSC and NSA. TechWaste handles all of the logistics to ensure the safe and complete disposal of your products or equipment.

TechWaste Recycling guarantees proper disposal and liquidation by following all the rules and regulations set forth by the federal, state, local and Environmental Protection Agencies.

Published in the December 2017 Edition of American Recycler News