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Sony Electronics Inc. (SEL) in the U.S. and Sony of Canada Ltd. continue to contribute to the development of the recycling infrastructure in North America.

All recycling and support activities are committed to a responsible recycling process that complies with a growing mandate of state and provincial legislation.

Promoting the Sony Take Back Recycling Program

In the U.S., Sony Electronics Inc. (SEL) continues to operate its voluntary recycling sponsorship program and compliance programs in states with take back regulations.

On September 15, 2007, the company introduced the Sony Take Back Recycling Program, which aims to further encourage consumers to recycle and dispose of electronics equipment in an environmentally sound manner. Developed in collaboration with waste administration and recycling companies in the U.S., the program allows consumers to drop off Sony products at designated collection centers free of charge.

In fiscal 2016, these collection centers and through compliance channels collected approximately 9,749 tons (21,448,000 pounds) of used consumer electronics. SEL aims eventually to provide a collection center within 20 miles of the homes of 95 percent of the country’s population. SEL in 2016 recycled 1.01 pounds for every 2.20 pounds sold which measures progress towards the goal of recycling the equivalent weight of recovered consumer electronics for every new product sold.

SEL provides a website through which consumers may search for the optimal method of returning and recycling used electronics products (including non-Sony products). The site enables consumers to learn about state specific recycling programs. It also includes various ways of bolstering the recycling rate, including a search function for the nearest take-back recycling center. For consumers whose closest center is more than 25 miles away, Sony products up to 25 pounds are taken back by free-post and recycled free of charge.

As of March 2017, SEL has cumulatively collected approximately 222,727 tons (490 million pounds) of electronics equipment scrap, thereby contributing to reduced use of natural resources. In the future, through the site, SEL plans to promote higher rates of used electronics collection and conduct educational campaigns on appropriate recycling methods of used products.

As a member of the Call2Recycle program, SEL recycles rechargeable batteries free of charge in line with Call2Recycle’s recycling scheme.

Published in the December 2017 Edition of American Recycler News