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Overcome, adapt and press on; that is just what American Eagle Paper Mills (AEPM) has done with their new boiler project.

The latest technology was unveiled at the new AEPM warehouse.

Mike Grimm, AEPM’s president and chief executive officer, gave an overview of the Mill’s evolution, its history, and its profound impact on the community.

The new Babcock and Wilcox natural gas boiler replaced the old, 1957 coal-stoker fire boiler. The $8 million boiler was an update to technology as well as the systems of the mill. The new boiler eliminates continuity risks, ensures compliance and cuts operating costs. The boiler will solidify the Mill’s mission of fostering a better environment by:

•Reducing annual greenhouse gases by 124,345 tons
•Eliminating annual coal burn requirements by 70,000 tons
•Eliminating annual land filling coal ash of 10,000 tons
•Reducing overall annual emissions by 70 percent
•Reducing annual water withdrawal from local streams and rivers by 82 percent
•Reducing daily water withdrawal by 4 billion gallons a year
•120 percent growth in recycled cut size market in the past two years

In addition to the boiler, AEPM installed and built a new $3.5 million 50,000 ft. warehouse and installed 2 cut-sized copy machines that cost $2.5 million. The overall updates to AEPM will assist in American Eagle Paper Mills’ continued success and overall, the newly instated technology was nearly a $15 million capital investment over the past 3 years.

Published in the November 2016 Edition of American Recycler News