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The American Forest & Paper Association released its July U.S. paper reports.


Containerboard production was 5.2 percent higher compared to July 2016. The month-over-month average daily production compared to June 2017 was 1.7 percent higher. The containerboard operating rate for July increased from 96.3 percent to 97.9 percent, which was 2.8 percentage points higher compared to July of last year. Year-to-date production of containerboard for export is up 6.3 percent.

Printing-Writing Paper Report

According to the July 2017 printing-writing monthly report from the American Forest & Paper Association, total printing-writing paper shipments decreased five percent in July compared to July 2016. This is the 11th consecutive year-over-year decrease following a modest fractional increase in August 2016. All four printing-writing grade categories posted year-over-year shipment declines in July. Total printing-writing paper inventory levels increased two percent from June 2017.

•July uncoated free sheet (UFS) paper shipments decreased year-over-year at the lowest rate since the last increase in August 2016. Imports of UFS decreased by 22 percent year-over-year in June while exports of UFS papers increased 41 percent year-over-year in June. The 68,200 tons exported in June was the highest level of UFS exports since March 2015.
•Shipments of uncoated mechanical (UM) papers decreased year-over-year in June for the 13th consecutive month. Imports of UM increased 8 percent year-over-year in June.
•July shipments of coated free sheet (CFS) papers declined for the second consecutive month following the only year-over-year increase in 2017. Shipments of coated one-side free sheet papers decreased three percent year-over-year in July but remain flat for the year-to-date. U.S. imports of CFS papers increased 8 percent year-over-year in June.
•Coated mechanical (CM) paper shipments declined year-over-year in July, the second consecutive decline. Imports of CM decreased in June, down 5 percent compared to June 2016 while exports of CM increased 12 percent in June.

Boxboard Report

Total boxboard production increased 2.9 percent when compared to July 2016, and increased 6.5 percent from June.

The production of Recycled Boxboard decreased compared to July 2016, and decreased when compared to June.

Published in the October 2017 Edition of American Recycler News