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The City of Houston has partnered with the Carton Council of North America to launch a new recycling awareness campaign

aimed at encouraging residents to recycle their food and beverage cartons. This campaign will follow the City’s recent expansion to an automated recycling program, all designed to make recycling as convenient as possible for residents.

The City of Houston is a part of a national movement of communities large and small to add cartons to their recycling programs. Since the Carton Council formed in 2009, access to carton recycling has increased by 165 percent, with now more than 48 percent of all U.S. households having access. Houston’s Solid Waste Management Department continues to expand its popular automated curbside recycling program, with 210,000 homes now receiving these services, and future expansions scheduled for later this year.

The campaign will include a variety of activities, such as TV public service announcements, advertising in local newspapers, online and social media activities, direct mail and outreach at local events.

Made mainly from paper, a renewable resource, lightweight and compact in design and with a low carbon footprint, cartons have proven to be a sustainable packaging solution that is growing in use for a variety of liquid and food products. Including cartons as an accepted material in local curbside recycling programs offers a better, more cost-efficient option than other proposed recovery solutions, and is a needed component for communities interested in achieving Zero Waste goals.

Published in the May 2014 Edition of American Recycler News