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Plant-based nutrition company, Vega, has received 100 percent post-consumer recycled content certification from leading third-party certification firm, SCS Global Services, for its recycled post-consumer (PCR) plastic bottles.

Vega’s new packaging, used for its nutritional supplements, is made with Envision Plastics’ EcoPrime™ resin, the first food grade recycled HDPE (#2) plastic available in the marketplace.

Vega launched its sustainable packaging initiative after an internal sustainability audit revealed that over 70 percent of its carbon footprint was related to its packaging materials, specifically petroleum-derived virgin HDPE plastic. As part of its “Journey to Zero” initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Vega partnered with Envision Plastics to develop a system for recycling plastic jugs, milk bottles and other #2 plastics into a food grade vessel.

According to Vega’s research, in 2014 its switch from virgin plastic to 100 percent certified PCR bottles will result in 278 fewer tons of CO2 emissions (63 percent less), divert 233 tons of plastic from the waste stream, and use 86 percent less energy than virgin plastic.

Published in the August 2014 Edition of American Recycler News