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The three most common industrial waste heat management options are recycling within the same heating system, recovery of the waste heat to be used in other systems within the same plant and converting the waste heat to power.

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A new investment fund is making $100 million in zero interest and below market loans for recycling infrastructure.

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The American Public Works Association (APWA) stated that four public works fleet professionals recently earned the Certified Public Fleet Professional (CPFP) credential.

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The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) initiative to crack down on illegal dumping in state parks and recreational lands has yielded eight more enforcement actions, all for disposing of debris and other materials in state-owned natural areas.

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IBM and Veolia have entered into a partnership to provide new solutions that integrate digital technologies into urban services to improve the efficiency of municipal systems around the world – a partnership which opens up new possibilities for smart cities.

Veolia turned to IBM to transform the way they deliver digital services and solutions for urban resources for cities. Veolia will both use the new set of digital services to improve performance with current clients, and also offer new turnkey ready-to-use digital solutions to other cities.

IBM and Veolia will first deliver new solutions for Smarter Water, incorporating the IBM Intelligent Water software which allows for better utilization of data, and provides a management system for the integration, optimization and analysis of all data related to water management.

The new solutions for water are currently under development in Lyon, France, and Tidworth, England, where Veolia is providing water and waste water management services to citizens using automated water management technology. By integrating data across municipal water management systems and applying analytics to spot trends, patterns, make predictions and provide a systems-level view of operations, Veolia will contribute to more efficient water management, improved reduction of waste, better cost controls for its clients as well as improved accountability to city leaders.

Designed to help cities operate more efficiently, provide better service to citizens and ensure effective management of resources, these solutions enable them to address some of their most pressing needs and make cities better places to live for their residents.

“Cities generate enormous amounts of data that must be constantly managed,” said Antoine Frerot, chairman and chief executive officer of Veolia. “Veolia supplies millions of people with water, energy and waste management services every day. By combining our deep expertise with IBM’s data-driven insight, Veolia is creating a paradigm shift in urban management which in turn will help cities improve efficiency and deliver better services to citizens.”

Published in the January 2015 Edition of American Recycler News

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BioHitech America, a food waste removal company, is adding two more hospital systems to their list of nearly two-dozen healthcare clients.

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